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School List It

What is due and when for any school, anywhere.

Free, Open, and Costs Nothing as long as we are supported we will continue to support our users. School List It is a react application that feeds from and into WordPress. Help us help busy teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone helping students learn.

Next Step

We are looking for $5000 support to integrate School List It onto the ClassLink SSO platform used by schools across the United States and elsewhere. Our team have an API key and access to the platform’s partner portal. Please help us get in front of more educators in more schools.

… and after that

Integration with Google Classroom API allowing any Google for Education user to expose assignment and material to School List It simply by signing in via Google APIs OAuth SSO protocol

…and after that

SLI will publish API documentation following the Open API Specification  so that any 3rd party system can integrate and push assignment data and lesson material into the SLI React App.

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