Sponsor Software Development


Sponsor Software Development

Two-Week Sprint Retainer

Sponsor cloud software development. The minimum sponsorship is a two-week sprint for one developer at $4500. Work is billed against the retainer at $56.25/hr

In order to specify an engineering project, we do require that you have a retainer in good standing. We will bill against those hours to do the detailed project specification. All projects are billed on time and materials. In other words, we may provide an estimated number of hours, but we bill against actual time worked. Our team uses an agile method of project management on a two week cycle with one week cool downs. Engineering work will not begin untilĀ  specifications for a minimum viable product (MVP) is agreed.

Billing Terms for custom software development

  • Product planning, design, and specification is billed against retainer
  • Communication with sponsor is billed against retainer
  • Two week engineering sprint minimum required for all development work after MVP is specified
  • Custom work will not continue until any past due account is restored into good standing


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