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Wordpress application passwords

COMING SOON! In WordPress 5.6, look for WordPress Application Passwords . A WordPress Application password can be used by applications for single sign on integration (SSO) with your WordPress site.

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So instead of allowing Facebook or Google to manage all your secure sign ons – you can self host and self manage all your authorized apps right within your own self-hosted WordPress site! Whoop Whoop!!

This was a long time coming, and (of course) there is a little more to it than that. Meg Phillips, our founder, contributed to the Q&As for developers hoping to integrate with WP in this way which you should see coming soon through WordPress.org. Please reference this integration guide. It is a great place to start.

We’re busy building with this new toy!

We are very excited about the new WP Application Passwords coming in WordPress 5. 6. If you plan on building an app which uses the WordPress Application Passwords (as we do ;)) then you are gonna need one of these! So, I decided to make it easy for my team to get one without having to write some PHP real quick and then copy and paste and then save that somewhere.

Remember, this is your apps unique identifier – every WordPress user who uses this to authenticate with your application should use the same App ID in case you ever need to handle a security event. So provide the same one to each user as the app_id with the password authentication request.