Fishing Booker commissions add up

An average charter boat could pay more than $5000 in booking fees and commissions though a fishing booker service

There are never any booking fees with Charter Boat Bookings. Learn to book direct and save.

Have you ever really done the math on your “free” fishing booker service? I have. That is why I wrote Charter Boat Bookings for captains. My husband is a captain, and I do the marketing for his boat and many others. The most popular fishing booking marketplace is fishing booker and each boat pays anywhere from 10%-30% for each booking through a fishing booker service.

For our family’s charterboat we book every charter through Phillips Boatworks. If we used a fishing booker, we would spend more than $5000 each high season and even more if we considered the shoulder seasons.

That is just crazy!

The margin in the charter boat business is not wide enough to pay such high marketing costs.

What if a fishing booker is the only way I get enough bookings?

Marketing for a new charterboat can be a challenge, and I understand that it isn’t what you love…right? You just want to fish. I get that, but to make your dream of fishing for a living come true, you are going to have to do some marketing. There are alternatives that are a better value than a fishing booker, and the best strategy is to use them all. MSP Media’s Charter boat booking websites are designed to help you build a loyal customer base, and make it more convenient for your guests to book direct.

Most charter boats build loyalty with their customers. As long as you are providing a good service and putting them on the fish, your guests will want to come back year after year.

Charter boat booking websites are built with features designed to convert every charter guest (regardless whether they were booked through a fishing booker) into a return guest who books direct.

Proven strategies – automated.

Charter boat bookings uses simple, proven strategies to keep your customers coming back and booking direct.

  • online balance payments
  • text message confirmations
  • automated follow up texts or emails
  • fishing reports made easy

Online balance payments

If you get a booking through fishing booker, how will your guests pay the balance of the charter fee?

Charter boat booking websites are designed to request payment for the balance of the charter fee three days prior to your charter. Your guests can choose email reminders or

  • sets up the customer in your direct customer database
  • saves the payment information in the system for future charters
  • tells charter boat bookings what week of the year your guests vacation
  • kicks off re-marketing messages to build loyalty with your clients
  • adds the clients into the list that gets notified when you publish a new fishing report

It’s really just that simple. Imagine what you’ve lost by not using Charter Boat Bookings last season. Get set up now so that every charter this year is a charter for next year and every year after that.