Time is the most valuable asset on earth, and our group at MSP Media could share ours with you. MSP Media is a group of people. We have families, friends, and lives. We build and maintain platforms that benefit many businesses and groups. We also from time to time work with together with custom clients on projects that align with our mission as the builders of technology for good and good technology.

Simple pricing, unmatched results.

Our team works with you to prepare the project brief which includes agreed success metrics. Our team works on a weekly cycle. Each of our team members earns between 1500-2500 USD per week. We estimate costs once in phased pricing:

  • launch
  • pilot
  • maintenance

Each project phase is estimated based on which of our team members are needed and how many weeks it will take. Learn More


Our engineering team sits on the cutting edge of front end, back end, and full stack development.

We can build apps, progressive web apps, web applications. We can also help you any implement existing technology within the WordPress Ecosystem at scale.


The best website in the world won’t build an audience. For that, you need content, communication, and a voice.

Our team can give a creative and signature voice to your product, message, or community. We are chartered communicators and globally diverse.

Are you ready for more than a website?

MSP-Media custom development and marcomms services make your web and social presence worry free. Focus on what you are best at, and leave the marketing and communications to us.

Enterprise software development

From small business implementations to enterprise software development, we have the right team of project managers, creatives, and engineers.

Let’s Brainstorm.

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