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Charter Boat Bookings

The only WordPress plugin designed specifically for owner-operator charter boats, this little WooCommerce extension handles the unique needs of a charter boat with a deep understanding of the underlying business.

Variable charter start times which consider environmental factors such as the sunset, tidal ranges, and more. Daily schedules, online bookings, customer communications, and more.

The Next Step

Charter Boat Bookings needs a javascript overhaul. The JS is currently written in the traditional WordPress way using JQuery. Our team needs a $2000 sponsorship to convert the JQuery code to vanilla JS and put away those pesky integration errors with other themes and plugins.

…and after that

Charter Boat Bookings needs some refactoring ($5000) within the class that established the daily product variations through the WooCommerce hooks. Written many moons ago, we could benefit from revisiting this code, writing in some unit tests, and wrapping all the code into a class.