WP Coffee Talk Interview

Around this time last year, our founder Meg Phillips was interviewed by the WP Coffee Talk podcast. This interview just went live. A fun listen if you are interested in learning more about our founder and lead engineer, Meg Phillips. Sitting with Michelle is such a pleasure. I had a blast, and hope it will …See More

WordPress Application Passwords

Get a WordPress UUID COMING SOON! In WordPress 5.6, look for WordPress Application Passwords . A WordPress Application password can be used by applications for single sign on integration (SSO) with your WordPress site. Sign on with WordPress So instead of allowing Facebook or Google to manage all your secure sign ons – you can …See More

School List It

Think of SchoolListit as a bulletin board in the town square where anyone can post and everyone can benefit. It is a detailed school list of what is due and when so that busy working parents can get a bird’s eye view and quickly provide accountability and oversight for the students in their sphere of influence. We pulled this project together for the 2020CallForCode and challenges in response to Covid-19.

Island Free Press

We won multiple awards from the North Carolina Press Association for our work on The Island Free Press. Rebuilding the Island Free Press In 2018, we worked together with the publisher of Hatteras Island’s most trusted newspaper. The project was all-encompassing. The newspaper launched in 1994 and had not updated her site, newsletter, or workflow …See More