Consultancy Retainer


Product Development, Media, & Marketing Consultancy

Consultancy Packages

Our team offers consultancy in a variety of areas: product development, retail and e-commerce brand management, content creation, marketing, and engineering. We sell consultancy in packages of 40hrs or 160hrs. The minimum package purchase is 40 hours or one week of work for one consultant. Retainer packages for 160hrs or more bill at a discounted rate of $60 per hour.

  • Retainer purchases of 160hrs or less bill at $80/ hr
  • Retainer purchases of 160hrs or more bill at $60 / hr

In order to specify a custom marketing, product development, or engineering project, we do require that you have a retainer in good standing. We will bill against those hours to do the detailed project specification. All projects are billed on time and materials. In other words, we may provide an estimated number of hours, but we bill against actual time worked. Our team uses an agile method of project management on a weekly turn with a minimum viable product (MVP) specified before we begin work.

Billing Terms

Engineering and brand management projects bill in minimum increments of 4hrs or more. Marketing and content creation projects bill at minimum increments of 2hrs or more. Project specification bills as part of the project hours in minimum of 2hr increments.



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