Retail Consultancy

$1,500.00 / month

Retail Merchandising Consultancy

Consulting retail operations on best merchandising practices which set the business up to scale successfully into new franchise opportunities or company store expansion.

  • visual merchandising
  • merchandise planning
  • establishing target margin / retail / assortment strategies
  • merchandise finance including planning, projections, reporting
  • reporting and projecting sales and margin accurately
  • omni-channel planning, allocation, and reporting
  • markdown and rotation strategies


The key performance indicators for a retail consultancy include

  • improve overall gross margin
  • reduce cannibalization
  • achieve a stable sourcing strategy
  • consistent and effective workflow of projecting, reporting, and hindsighting the merchandise assortment

The ultimate goal of the consultancy is to achieve obsolescence. In other words, when the client can reproduce and iterate the above gains without the consultant, the consultancy has achieved its ultimate goal.