A School List – really?

SchoolListIt is just as the name indicates. It is meant to be the official school list (and so much more) – the place where all parents can go to find out what is going on at school. Think of SchoolListit as the bulletin board in the town square where anyone can post and everyone can benefit. It is a detailed school list of what is due and when so that busy working parents can get a bird’s eye view and quickly provide accountability and oversight for the students in their sphere of influence.

We pulled this project together for the 2020CallForCode and challenges in response to Covid-19. You can see the marketing site at and demo the app at


We are so proud of what this app can do for educators and parents everywhere. A pretty revolutionary concept, SchoolListIt is built by parents for parents. At its core SchoolListIt is a scheduled checklist, but so much more than just that. Here are a few things to know about how special this project really is:

  • SchoolListit is launching a marketplace for education plugins and add ons which will hold any content to a far higher set code standards and business practices so that any school or homeschool can be confident in the security and sustainability of the open source solutions offered through the SchoolListit Marketplace
  • SchoolListit is launching a marketplace for educators. Any subject matter expert can work with SchoolListit to launch a self-hosted course material site and then, if approved, these courses will be integrated into SchoolListit app as ‘premium’ content with live instruction Q&A tutoring sessions.
  • Homeschooling parents will be able to “build curriculum as they go” so the quality of ‘free’ homeschooling curriculums are raised and more readily available.
  • SchoolListIt is launching a transcript service for homeschooling parents so that the attendance and grade records can be verified by a 3rd party and accessed upon request just like any public or private school.


Such an exciting project. SchoolListit uses the latest technology.

  • The SchoolListit App is a REACT app with no fully integrated back end, but it can accept data from any WordPress Site and any existing REST API.
  • The site is a WordPress site and functions as the backend for all content that is hosted with SchoolListit.
  • SchoolListIt benefits from integration with IBM’s cloud technology for scaling but also for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functionality through IBM’s Watson.


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